eMoney Wealth Management System

Why the eMoney Wealth Management System?

You’re busy.  Your life can be complicated.  Even if you think you have all of your affairs in order, you could be overlooking opportunities or exposing yourself and those who matter to you to unnecessary risks.  Find out how Personal Financial View can help you.  It puts a knowledgeable financial planner and a dedicated Platinum Account Manager, plus a team of specialists and the latest technology together to develop and implement a customized plan to help you reach your goals. Please note that you can implement your financial plan at the financial institution of your choice.     


We Can Help You Reach Your Goals

We take the time to get to know you, to find out who and what are important to you and where you want to be.  What is your current financial picture?  Where might you be at risk?  What do you want for yourself, your family or your business?  As a client, we’ll conduct in-depth research and develop a customized plan and implementation guide that addresses your goals.         


What’s Important to You?

• Protecting Your Loved Ones

• Retiring Early

• Funding College

• Ensuring Your Business Continues

• Supporting Causes Close to Your Heart


Our system integrates your financial plan with a customized website that puts all of your critical documents and key information at your fingertips.  This secure, easy-to-use web-based tool provides current data for all of your financial accounts, as well as an online vault to store and view electronic copies of all of your key documents.

 As a client, you’ll benefit from our proactive approach to identifying appropriate opportunities that might arise.  We aim to keep you on course even when the course changes.  Your planning team will continually monitor your plan and hold periodic meetings to review your situation.


Please click the following link to sign into your account..  https://wealth.emaplan.com/ema/Default.aspx?ema/nfp/firstgenesis


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